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Goldfish2u Co., Ltd.

Goldfish2U Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 by renowned goldfish expert  Mr.Chatchai “Ranchuart” Pornrungruongkul.

We supply a wide range of excellent quality goldfish to the Thai and export markets all over the world. Our main product is Thai bred goldfish. We specialize in TVR (Topview Ranchu), SVR (Sideview Ranchu) and Oranda.

Goldfish from our Bloodline are unique and attractive for those who looking for premium quality.


Our goldfish’s unique points are:


SVR (Sideview Ranchu or Thai Ranchu)

        Good headgrowth with big funtan, wide and big head, pure buffalo head bloodline no mix with Hybrid Ranchu

        Smooth backcurve, appropriate head to tail ratio, good back structure for a jumbo size SVR

        Strong tail core and good angle, nice and smooth swimming

        Deep red color, high percentage of red-white


TVR (Topview Ranchu or Japanese Ranchu)

-         Good headgrowth, long and wide head

-         Appropriate body head to tail ratio

-         Big body structure with thick back and penduncle, all can grow to Oya size

-         Wide spread tail, strong tail shoulder

-         Nice and balances swimming

-         Deep red color for both red and red-white

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-         Full headgrowth with cheek

-         Medium body structure, suited for keeping in aquarium tank

-         Round body shape

-         Good tail angle

-         Thick and strong tail

-         Deep red color and smooth scale


We have over 300 well maintained ponds and also have our own breeder network. With our team, we can provide supply to the customer on all year.


We also supply all grades of goldfish from Competition Grade, Premium, AAA, AA as well as mud-pond commercial grades.


All of our goldfish are quality guaranteed by Ranchuart.


They are also guaranteed healthy and disease free through our treatment before sending to our customer.





















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